Raised bedsRyeleaze is the upper school section of the Stroud and Cotswold Alternative Provision School, the students we are working with so far are 13 – 14 years old. The aim of the project is to create a gardening and outdoor social space.

Since spring this year, Richard’s Thursday team have been building raised beds for vegetables, a woodchip path, decking and compost bays. The school is keeping the rough grass mown.

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Our work with Kingswood Parish Council at the Wild About Kingswood project has continued over the past few months with the Great Crested Newt (GCN) survey once again taking place as well as a great bat walk led by my friend and ex SVP colleague Nadine Symkatz-Kloss.

Nadine has sent SVP a short report about the types of bat we observed and heard on the walk. On the walk we heard three types of bats: common pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle and a Myotis species.

In her report Nadine says that ‘Early common pipistrelles flew around the village hall and may have emerged from the roof. The Myotis was encountered during the walk to the pond (along the streets) and the soprano pipistrelle was observed at the pond’.

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Wild classrooms 1

Wild Classrooms aims to support children’s outdoor learning and builds on the foundations laid by our earlier educational projects, Get Growing and Growing Wild. The project is funded by the Ernest Cook Trust and the Summerfield Charitable Trust and was launched in January 2017.As the Wild Classroom project officer, I have developed free resources which link what’s going on outside with the science curriculum.

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Garden services

Lots of outdoor work can seem really daunting. If you would like some help we can provide a team to tackle those difficult jobs.

Click here to see a video of work carried out for Stroud company, Omnitrack

Here is a range of services we provide :

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