Fulfil your new year’s resolution and get out and about with Stroud Valleys Project’s New Walk Leaflets

Stroud Valleys Project is launching its new walk leaflets to encourage people to come outside and enjoy the beautiful countryside around Stroud. All six are now available from the Stroud Valleys Project eco shop on Threadneedle Street and Tourist Information in the Sub Rooms.

Map TBEach walk has a theme: Family Walk, Town Centre Walk, Pushchair/Wheelchair Walk, Archaeology Walk, Wildlife Walk, and Landscape Walk. And all take a different angle on a usual walk.

The Landscape and Wildlife walks are circular, involving a bus ride out to the Nailsworth Valley and a return walk back to Stroud via the commons, while the family walk starts at one playground and takes the scenic route to another, with lots of activities for children to do along the way. The town centre walk is ideal for anyone in town with a little spare time on their hands and is perfect for anyone on their lunch break.

Our new project Wild Classrooms starts this month. We will be working with schools and other children’s groups to encourage and support outdoor learning and To develop resources to support teachers to link the school curriculum to outdoor work in green spaces close to schools.

We are all getting better at recycling and waste management. Councillor Simon Pickering said of the new Stroud District Council (SDC) waste collections, "We have halved the amount of waste going into landfill in the first month". We are all doing our bit to help. This month we can also recycle Christmas trees with SDC, and here at SVP we are running our annual Diary and Calendar Swap. Don’t let unwanted 2017 diaries and calendars gather dust on your desk, drop them off at Stroud Valleys Project office instead so others can use them.  Or if you WillowBowerneed a new diary or calendar, pop into the SVP office at 8 Threadneedle Street on Stroud to get one. Simple! Saving resources and at the same time reducing the clutter on your desk. The swap will be running until the end of January and we invite you to make a small donation for the service.

You also can come and learn about Willow Weaving with Norah Kennedy on 14 February 2017 from 10am to 1pm. You will learn how to construct a living willow bower around a bench and about the types of willow structure you can create and aftercare of a willow structure. Please contact Stroud Valleys Project to book a place.

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