20 April 2016

Join us on Friday 13 May when our bat expert leads a bat detecting walk around Stratford Park. In partnership with the Museum in the Park and this event is part of Museums at Night. This annual UK-wide festival encompasses inspiring after-hours events, designed to encourage people to see arts, culture and heritage in a different light. We will start at 8pm looking for bats around the park; bring a torch and you will also be able to explore the museum by torchlight. Places are limited so please phone us to book a place.

If you are interested in learning even more about bats we have organised a course on Bat Ecology on Friday 20 May from 7.30pm to 10.30pm which includes theory and going as well as the opportunity to see bats in their natural habitat.

With the arrival of spring, we have some lovely tomato plants for sale in our eco shop, grown by one of our friends to help you get ahead in the garden. In addition we have a wide range of vegetable, herb and flower seeds; it’s definitely feeling like planting time now that it’s warming up a bit. A reminder that we have a Seedling Swap coming up on Saturday 4 June 10.30am to 1pm, so if you are growing seedlings, it’s worth planting a few extra to bring along and swap for something new. You can also pick up some organic natural fertiliser made of seaweed extract while you’re there – all-purpose or specialist tomato feed.

Following such a mild winter and so few frosts, I think we can expect a lot of slugs this year. To help in the battle to protect your precious seedlings, we have stocked up on our wildlife friendly slug pellets, wool pellets and copper tape.

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